Software Projects

  • Beamtrace. This is a simulation tool for predicting the signal strength of 802.11 wireless LANs in buildings with polygonal walls. More complicated than raytracing, this method is very efficient for finding signal strengths at a large number of grid points throughout the building. This work in progress has stalled due to the author being diverted onto more interesting things (sorry).
  • kLAME. This is a convenient gui wrapper for LAME that allows wav files to be compressed to mp3 in a bulk conversion operation with a number of different LAME options and directed to different destination directories. This was written to simplify conversion when archival quality and website quality conversions were needed for the same set of WAV files.
  • IDE and language. Discussion of choice with installation instructions, focussing on QT4/QT5, Dev-C++ and Eclipse.
  • Howto for setting up QT on Windows with MinGW and the MySQL driver.
  • Comparison of Windows and Linux advantages and disadvantages.

Contact: My email address can be constructed from the username "ksarkies" and the ISP DNS address in the usual way.

First created 29 September 2006
Last modified 11 march 2013

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