Senna Eremophila

Silver Cassia, Desert Cassia, Punty Bush

Cassia grows to about 1m normally but can be up to 2m high. In the most common variety the leaves consist of one or two pairs of cylindrical and very narrow leaflets. These are very similar to Senna Artemisioides (Senna Nemophila), which has more than two of pairs of leaflets. Another species is also present in which the leaves flatten out. Flowers are 3-10 in short racemes. The fruits are flat, oblong pods containing thick, flat, dark brown seeds. In September (Spring) the flowers can be quite profuse in a good year and make a spectacular sight as shown below.

Closeup of Flowers and Leaves. Senna Eremophila var Eremophila.

Closeup view of a bush. The leaves are flattened out in this sample.

Closeup view of fruits.

A different form of Senna, possibly Senna Eremophila var coriacea.

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