Looking for a Mate

On April 14 2014 this young lady came about 10AM and stayed most of the day generally closer than about 30m from the building. Unlike those we have seen up to now she had no fear whatever and browsed sometimes as close as a few metres from us. Tim has been digging a hole about 100m away from the building. We noticed that she followed him across to his diggings and back again several times. At the diggings she stood near the edge of the hole and watched him. It's possible that the banging sound Tim makes when he empties his bucket to loosen the dirt is very like that made by a male emu. As this is the breeding season and she has no accompanying male …

Been back several times; 10 May she has been here for two days, still following Tim.

Let's have a closer look at this wierdo with the camera.

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12 May 2014
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