Battery Charger Projects

NOTE: the circuits described here currently have some significant shortcomings. It is intended to rework most of these pages to improve the circuit operations. Lead-Acid batteries are a focus at this time. Other battery types may be considered later.

The battery charger projects are a stage in the development of a power management regulator for a solar electric power system, as well as providing a number of useful charger circuits.

Lead acid battery characteristics and charger algorithms are described In this review.

Battery Chargers

  1. Analogue Charger A Lead-Acid Battery Charger using analogue circuitry to fast-charge a small 6V SLA battery, maintaining the three main charging phases.
  2. SMPS based charger using half H-bridge Another Lead-Acid Battery Charger using a microcontroller and switch mode power conversion to fast-charge small SLA batteries.

  3. SMPS based charge using full H-bridge Yet another Lead-Acid Battery Charger using a microcontroller and SMP conversion.

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Last Modified 24 June 2014
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