Port of CanFestival over serial to libopencm3 STM32F103

CANopen is a standard for smart transducer communications, extensively used in Europe. It has been implemented in a number of open source projects notably CanFestival and CanOpenNode, both of which are suitable for microcontroller embedded use. It was originally intended for use with CAN bus but can be used over other interface types. This project uses the serial RS232 interface between a PC and a microcontroller which allows the interfacing standard to be used with simple low cost hardware.

This port to stm32 is on GitHub. It has not been tested fully at this time.

CanFestival continues to be maintained although at a rather low rate. There are a number of forks available.

First created 30 August 2013
Last Modified 22 february 2016
Ken Sarkies 2013